Essays and Fiction


The Bitter Southerner

“The Lunch Menu for Today,” 8/4/16

Forth Magazine

“The Day I Stopped Watching ‘General Hospital,’” 3/26/19

Grown and Flown

“I Found an Unexpected Community While Wearing a College Hat,” 1/7/19


"Mindy Kaling's Netflix Hit Does a Disservice to Its Jewish Characters," 7/27/21

“Why It Really Bugs Me When You Misspell My Name,” 2/7/18

 “Parenthood and the Mythical Land Where Time Moves at Warp Speed,” 8/2/17

 “Why I Forced My Kids to Watch ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’” 2/21/17

“The Parenting Epiphany I Realized After Training Our Dog,” 8/23/16

“I Couldn’t Find the Right Haggadah for Seder, so I Made My Own,” 4/18/16

“Hearing the Shofar as a Baby’s Cry,” 9/20/17

Little Old Lady Comedy

Dog Training for Rabbis, 11/18/21

The Manifest-Station

"The Hanukkah Owl," 12/13/20


"No More Tears Means They're Growing Up," 12/9/16


"How Long to Keep the Christmas Tree: Advice from the Rabbi," 12/6/21

“In Search of Captain Kirk,” 3/23/20


“Beshert- Shareyna and Kim,” 7/9/20

The New York Times

Tiny Love Stories, "It's Complicated," 7/19/21


"Personal Shopping for My Mother," 5/11/23


"Ghosts at the Costco," 10/17/21

“Way Back,” 4/29/18

"How NASA Engineers Helped Me Become A Better Jewish Parent," 12/16/22

"Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tutoring: Pandemic Style," 3/10/22

"A Bittersweet Reunion with the Shtisel Family," 4/13/21

“Battling Perfection at the Start of the Jewish Year,” 10/15/19

“Why Shtisel Should be Your Next Binge-Watch,” 3/4/19

“Rosh HaShanah:  A Day to Make the Invisible Visible,” 9/5/18

 “The Day I Discovered I’m Not Italian:  Lessons from My DNA Test,” 4/18/18

 “How to Understand the Timelessness of Jewish Time,” 3/15/18

 “How to Bring Balance and Order to Purim’s Chaos,” 2/22/18

 “What Tu BiSh’vat and Sam the Pickle Man Have in Common,” 1/29/18

 “Want to be Happy? Take a Lesson from Jewish Tradition,” 10/20/17

 “Passing the Torah in the Search for Meaning,” 12/8/16

The Times of Israel Blog

"Vanishing Clouds and Fleeting Dreams," 10/10/22

The University of Michigan Alumnus Magazine

“The Accidental Wolverine,” Spring 2019

The World Union for Progressive Judaism

"End of Life Poetry and Blessings from the Deep in Genesis' Final Portion- Parashat Vayechi" January 1, 2023

"Grasshoppers and Giants: Shlach Leech's Message of Courage and Self Respect," June 19, 2022

"Scurvy, the Boughs of Leafy Trees, and Healing: Parashat Emor," April 25, 2021

Short Stories


“A Crocodile in the Kinneret,” February 2021

Literary Mama

"The Extra Life of Nancy Fagelbaum," 9/20/23 

“Ghosts at the Costco,” 5/18/16

Spider Magazine

“Sapphire’s Fish,” July 2006


Voices of Victors Podcast, Michigan Alumnus Magazine

"The Accidental Wolverine," January 6, 2021

Read650 Presents, "Haunted: True Stories of Superstitions, Premonitions, and Apparitions

"Ghosts at the Costco," October 10, 2021

@Read650, Birthdays

"Bittersweet Sixteen," February 23, 2022

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