Essays and Fiction


The Bitter Southerner

“The Lunch Menu for Today,” 8/4/16

Forth Magazine

“The Day I Stopped Watching ‘General Hospital,’” 3/26/19

Grown and Flown

“I Found an Unexpected Community While Wearing a College Hat,” 1/7/19


"Mindy Kaling's Netflix Hit Does a Disservice to Its Jewish Characters," 7/27/21

“Why It Really Bugs Me When You Misspell My Name,” 2/7/18

 “Parenthood and the Mythical Land Where Time Moves at Warp Speed,” 8/2/17

 “Why I Forced My Kids to Watch ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’” 2/21/17

“The Parenting Epiphany I Realized After Training Our Dog,” 8/23/16

“I Couldn’t Find the Right Haggadah for Seder, so I Made My Own,” 4/18/16

“Hearing the Shofar as a Baby’s Cry,” 9/20/17

Literary Mama

“Ghosts at the Costco,” 5/18/16

Little Old Lady Comedy

Dog Training for Rabbis, 11/18/21

The Manifest-Station

"The Hanukkah Owl," 12/13/20


“No More Tears Means They’re Growing Up,” 12/9/16


"How Long to Keep the Christmas Tree: Advice from the Rabbi," 12/6/21

“In Search of Captain Kirk,” 3/23/20


“Beshert- Shareyna and Kim,” 7/9/20

Mothers Always Write

“What My Dog’s Kennel Report Card Reminded Me About Parenting,” 11/3/17

 “Do It Yourself Goodbyes,” 6/20/16

 “Naming Our Puppy:  A Biblical Task,” 5/30/16

 “Cake Walk,” 5/16/16

 The New York Times

Tiny Love Stories, "It's Complicated," 7/19/21


"Personal Shopping for My Mother," 5/11/23


"Ghosts at the Costco," 10/17/21

“Way Back,” 4/29/18

"How NASA Engineers Helped Me Become A Better Jewish Parent," 12/16/22

"Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tutoring: Pandemic Style," 3/10/22

"A Bittersweet Reunion with the Shtisel Family," 4/13/21

“Battling Perfection at the Start of the Jewish Year,” 10/15/19

“Why Shtisel Should be Your Next Binge-Watch,” 3/4/19

“Rosh HaShanah:  A Day to Make the Invisible Visible,” 9/5/18

 “The Day I Discovered I’m Not Italian:  Lessons from My DNA Test,” 4/18/18

 “How to Understand the Timelessness of Jewish Time,” 3/15/18

 “How to Bring Balance and Order to Purim’s Chaos,” 2/22/18

 “What Tu BiSh’vat and Sam the Pickle Man Have in Common,” 1/29/18

 “Want to be Happy? Take a Lesson from Jewish Tradition,” 10/20/17

 “Passing the Torah in the Search for Meaning,” 12/8/16

The Times of Israel Blog

"Vanishing Clouds and Fleeting Dreams," 10/10/22

The University of Michigan Alumnus Magazine

“The Accidental Wolverine,” Spring 2019

The World Union for Progressive Judaism

"End of Life Poetry and Blessings from the Deep in Genesis' Final Portion- Parashat Vayechi" January 1, 2023

"Grasshoppers and Giants: Shlach Leech's Message of Courage and Self Respect," June 19, 2022

"Scurvy, the Boughs of Leafy Trees, and Healing: Parashat Emor," April 25, 2021

Short Stories


“A Crocodile in the Kinneret,” February 2021

Spider Magazine

“Sapphire’s Fish,” July 2006


Voices of Victors Podcast, Michigan Alumnus Magazine

"The Accidental Wolverine," January 6, 2021

Read650 Presents, "Haunted: True Stories of Superstitions, Premonitions, and Apparitions

"Ghosts at the Costco," October 10, 2021

@Read650, Birthdays

"Bittersweet Sixteen," February 23, 2022

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